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Media Properties-FilmoraPro

You can adjust an imported media file's properties in the Media panel. Click on the gear icon located next to each media asset to fine-tune its settings.

Some properties can be edited, but some properties are displayed for reference only and cannot be edited by users.

  • Name – The original file names are used by default, but you are able to change them. Changing the name of a media asset in the Media Properties window won't rename the source file, and the new file name will only be displayed within a particular project.
  • Path - See where the source file is stored in your hard drive.


  • Frame Rate – After you import a video file, FilmoraPro will automatically detect the file's frame rate. All video files have default frame rates. However, deselecting the From File option will enable you to set the preferred frame rate for video clips. Adjusting the frame rate of a video clip, can change its playback speed and create slow or fast motion effects.
  • Aspect Ratio – The source file's aspect ratio is used by default. Change the aspect ratio of a video clip by deselecting the From Source option and selecting a new aspect ratio for that media asset.
  • Resolution – See the resolution of the original file. The resolution of a file cannot be changed since it's a basic property of the source file.
  • Color - The Color bit depth is a permanent property of the original file and cannot be changed.
  • Codec – Codec is a permanent property of the source file used for encoding a video clip and cannot be changed.


  • Track - This option appears only when there is more than one audio track embedded in the media. Select the track you want to use in the project. If you wish to use multiple audio tracks from the same media, duplicate the media clip in the media panel and select a different audio track in the duplicated clip.
  • Format – Shows the audio format, number of channels and bit-depth.
  • Sample Rate – Displays the sample rate of the source file. The sample rates you select in the Project Settings window should match the sample rates of audio files you're using in that project.
  • Codec – Shows the type of codec used to encode the audio in the source file.


  • Container – See container formats (MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.) utilized by the source file.

Duration – Displays the length of the source file in the Timecode format.