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The Animation effects in FilmoraPro provides several animated transitions, both of them have several variations allow you to make hundreds of transitions effectively. You can adjust the reveal length, conceal length, gradient size and direction or position to get different results.

 FilmoraPro Animation Effect

Center Wipe

Using this animation effect will set the screen transition wiping from center.

Moving from the center of the image to a specific direction to

 FilmoraPro Animation Effect

Reveal length: Adjusts the reveal portion in the center wipe effects. Higher values will show less part of the screen.

Conceal length: Adjusts the concealed portion of the screen.

Gradient Size: Determines the size of gradient part in the screen. Lower value means smaller gradient size.

Direction: Sets the center wipe transition direction.

Position: Sets the position of where the center wipe effect begins.


This effect will wipe the screen frame with a rapid evaporation.

Linear Wipe

The Linear Wipe effect performs a simple linear wipe of a layer in a specified direction.

 FilmoraPro Animation Effect


The Pinwheel animation transition wipes the screen with a pinwheel shape. You can adjust the position and flip the direction as well.

 FilmoraPro Animation Effect

 FilmoraPro Animation Effect

Radial Reveal:

A curved wipe like the movement of a vehicle's windshield wiper.