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Applying and Removing Effects-FilmoraPro

Applying Effects

Each of the visual and audio effects featured in FIlmoraPro’s Effects library can be used as many times as you want on one or more clips. There are several different ways to apply an effect to a video clip, but the fastest method is to simply drag an effect from the Effects library and drop it onto a clip you previously placed on the timeline.

Selecting the video or the audio clip to which you’d like to apply an effect and then heading over to the Effects menu in the Controls Panel where you can browse the entire software’s collection of effects is an alternative method of adding effects to media files you use in your projects.

Perform one of the following actions to apply effects to a clip:

  • Select one or more effects in the software’s Effects library and then drag and drop them over a clip on the timeline.
  • Hold the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) keys and click on multiple video or audio files to select them. Proceed to drag an effect or a group of effects from the Effects library and drop them over any of the selected clips. The effects will be applied to all selected clips automatically.
  • Make sure that the clip you placed on the timeline is selected. Go to the Controls Panel, click on the Effect option and choose the effect you’d like to apply to the selected clip.

Audio effects can be applied to audio clips, by dragging and dropping the desired effect to the preferred location on the timeline’s audio track. All effects you applied to video or audio clips can be adjusted from the Controls Panel. Simply click on the Effects option in the Controls Panel, and then click on the triangle icon next to an effect to gain access to its properties. You can then alter the effect’s default settings.

Removing Effects from Video and Audio Clips

If for whatever reason you don’t like how the effect you applied to a clip, you can remove it in just a few clicks.

Removing Selected Effects from a Clip:

  • Select the clip in the timeline and then go to the Controls Panel and click on the Effects option. All effects you applied to the selected clip will be displayed here. Select the effects that you want to remove. If you need to remove several effects, select all the effects you want to remove from the clip by holding the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS) button and clicking on each effect you’d like to delete.
  • Press the Delete button to remove the selected effects. Alternatively, you can right-click on the selected effects and pick the Remove option from the menu.

 FilmoraPro Remove Effects

Removing All Effects from a Clip:

Right-click on the clip on the timeline, and then select the Remove Effects option. All effect will be automatically removed from that clip and all settings of the effects you applied to the clip will reset to their default values.

 FilmoraPro Remove Effects