Keyboard shortcuts list (windows)-Filmora

This is a list of keyboard shortcuts that you can use with Filmora.

Module Command Windows Shortcuts
File New Project Control-N
File Open Project Control-O
File Save Project  Control-S
File Save Project As Control-Shift-S
File Archive Project Control-Shift-A
File Import Media Files Control-I
File Record Voiceover Alt-R
File Preferences Control-,
File Exit (Mac: Quit) Alt-F4
File Undo Control-Z
File Redo Control-Y
File Cut Control-X
File Copy Control-C
File Paste Control-V
Edit Delete Delete
Edit Ripple Delete (Delete and Close Gap) Shift+Delete
Edit Select All Control-A
Edit Copy Effects Ctrl-Alt-C
Edit Paste Effects Ctrl-Alt-V
Edit Show Clip Properties Alt-E
Edit Split Control-B
Edit Trim Start to Playhead Alt-[
Edit Trim End to Playhead Alt-]
Edit Crop and Zoom Alt-C
Edit Rotate 90 Clockwise Ctrl-Alt-Right Arrow
Edit Rotate 90 Counter Clockwise Ctrl-Alt-Left Arrow
Edit Change Speed and Duration Ctrl-R
Edit Add Freeze Frame Alt-F
Edit Detach Audio Control-Alt-D
Edit Mute Control-Shift-M
Edit Stabilization Alt-S
Edit Color Correction Control-Alt-C
Edit Green Screen Control-Alt-G
Edit Insert Shift-I
Edit Overwrite Shift-O
Edit Rename Enter
Edit Delete Delete
Edit Reveal in Explorer(Finder)  Control-Shift-R
Edit Apply Alt-A
View Play Space
View Stop Control-/
View Full screen Alt-Enter
View Previous Frame Left
View Next Frame Right
View Previous Edit Point Up
View Next Edit Point Down
View Previous Second Shift-Left
View Next Second Shift-Right
View Previous Mark Shift-Up
View Next Mark Shift-Down
View Go to Project Beginning Home
View Go to Project End End
View Go to Selected Clip Start Shift-Home
View Go to Selected Clip End Shift-End
View Zoom in Control+ =
View Zoom out Control+ -
View Zoom to Fit timeline Shift-Z
View Set In point I
View Set Out point O
View Remove in point Alt-I
View Remove Out point Alt-O
Marker Add Marker M
Marker Delete Marker Delete
Marker Edit Marker Shift-M
Marker Jump to Previous Marker Shift-Up
Marker Next Marker Shift-Down
Miscellaneous Help F1
Miscellaneous Export Control-E