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Instant Cutter-filmora

Filmora Instant Cutter Tool allows you to import large video files and action camera video footage in formats like H.264 MP4/MOV or H.264 MTS/M2TS and trim or merge them quickly without re-encoding. Just click the arrow next to Import and select Import with Instant Cutter Tool in Filmora.

Instant cutter entrance

With the Instant Cutter tool, you can:

Section 1: Trim Video Clips Using the Instant Cutter

To follow the steps below, first, open the Filmora Instant Cutter window by clicking Import > Import with Instant Cutter Tool in the Media Library.

Step 1: Import video files

In the Trim tab, click the Open File button and choose the video file you want from your computer. You can only import one video clip at a time using this tool.

H.264 MP4/MOV and H.264 MTS/M2TS formats are supported.

Instant cutter trimming interface in Filmora 9

Step 2: Trimming

There are three ways to trim your video:

Using trimming sliders

The teal in/out sliders in the Instant Cutter timeline allows you to trim your video clip quickly. Drag the In slider to set the beginning point of the video, and drag the Out slider to set the ending point of the video. The highlighted segment between these two points is what you want to keep.

trimming sliders  in Filmora 9

Using Set in/out points

Move the Playhead to the position you want the video to begin, then click the Set In Point icon set in button in the Instant Cutter toolbar. The In slider will jump to the position of the Playhead. To set the endpoint, repeat this process and click the Set-Out point icon set out button.

set in/out sliders  in Filmora 9

By Setting starting/ending time

On the left side of the Instant Cutter window (in the Trim tab), you will see video information such as video file names, thumbnails, and durations. Under the duration, you can adjust the start and end times of the video by clicking the adjust in/out time buttons or entering exact numbers.

Set duration  in Filmora 9

Step 3: Add Segment

To create a new segment, put the playhead at the point where you want the segment to start, then click the Add Segment button. A new video clip that starts from the playhead and goes to the end of the video will be generated and added to the menu in the left of the window.

Add segment  in Filmora 9

You can remove it simply by clicking the delete button icon.

Step 4: Preview

Press the Space key (or click the Playplay button button) to preview the video clip. You can set the preview starting point by moving the red.

Preview  in Filmora 9

You can click thenext framebutton to jump through the video frame by frame.

Step 5: Export

After finishing the trim, click the Export button to export your trimmed clip.

Export  in Filmora 9

Save to: Your video will be saved under C:\Users\admin\Documents\Wondershare Filmora 9\User Media\LosslessPath\ by default, but you can choose a new location.

Open Output Folder: Choose Open Output Folder if you want the output folder to be opened automatically once the export has finished.

Send to Filmora: Choose Send to Filmora if you want to continue editing your video in Filmora and it will be imported into the Media Library.

Do Nothing: Choose Do Nothing to save your video clips without any further actions. You can continue your work in the Instant Cutter tool interface.

Click OK to execute the export process.

Section 2: Merge Video Clips

This feature allows you to combine two or more video clips together into one video clip. Open the Instant Cutter window by clicking Import > Import with Instant Cutter Tool in the Media Library, and then click into the Merge tab to access this tool.

Step 1: Import video clips

Click the Open File button and choose two or more video files you want from your computer. Or, you can drag the video files you want directly into the Instant Cutter timeline.

Merging interface  in Filmora 9

Requirement:The video clips must have been shot by the same camera or device and have the same resolution and frame rate.

You can check the total duration of your combined video in the bottom left corner of Merge interface:

check duration  in Filmora 9

Step 2: Reorder the clips

If you want to change the order of the imported video clips, hover the cursor over the rearrangement iconchange position until it changes into a hand and then click and drag the clip to where in the order you want it.

change the clips position

To remove a clip, select it and click the delete button icon.

Step 3: Preview

Please follow the steps outlined earlier in this guide.

Step 4: Export

After finishing the merge, click the Export button to export your merged video.

Please follow the instructions in the earlier section of this guide to navigate the export window.