Instant Mode

No editing skill is needed for using an Instant Mode to create a video. Just add the media you want to show, and Filmora will make a video for you at once. (This feature is only for Windows)
Win 11 /Win 10 / Win 8 / Win7 (64 bit OS) | System Requirements
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Make Creating A Video Super Easy

Easily create a video within a few minutes. No editing skills are needed by using Filmora Instant Mode.

Built-in Video Templates, Easy to Use

Filmora has various templates, including vlog, business, intro, slideshow, travel, and etc. You can find anything you want and produce a video in a few minutes.

Automatically Recognizes Video Highlights, Save Your Time

No longer need you to take over 3 hours to work on the video timeline to create a video. Filmora AI algorithm can automatically find the highlighted part of your media, then create a video.

Provide Sample Video to Preview, Spark the Creativity

When you have no idea how to arrange your media to make a video, Filmora Instant Mode will help you. You can use Filmora Instant Mode to spark your idea of making a video.

Instant Mode Recommend

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