Filmora Video Editor

Motion Tracking

Track the movement of an object in the video, and pin graphics and media files to follow the motion magically.
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Elevate Your Videos with Motion Tracking

Track moving objects or people in the video, and enhance video with motion tracking images, videos, texts, and elements.

Intelligently Track Moving Object

Set the objects you want to track and start motion tracking. Filmora will track the thing's moving path automatically. You can adjust the position and size of the tracking box at the preview window directly without starting tracking again.

Attach Texts to Follow Tracked Path Automatically

With the AI motion tracker tool in Filmora, adding titles and texts to follow the motion and move automatically is easy to achieve. Create a call-out title with a moving object in the video, add a name that follows the athlete's moving path, and productively unleash your creativity.

Add Mosaic to Moving Objects in One-click

Want to blur moving face or license plate in a video without adding mosaic effects frame by frame? Try motion tracking with mosaic effect in Filmora. Filmora features built-in mosaic effects in the Motion Tracker tool, which allows you to blur and censor faces or any part in every frame throughout the video.

Infuse Your Storytelling with Magic

Transform emojis, images, videos, and common symbols into visual effects to tell a story with magic in Filmora! Use motion tracker to add smiley faces, message bubbles, Doctor Strange Magic Shield to real-world footage, or create Harry Potter flying effects!

What You Can Do with Motion Tracking?

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Add Motion-tracked Ingredients Callouts
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