Filmora Video Editor

Remove Video Background

With AI Smart Cutout in Filmora, you can easily select and edit out any unwanted object or background in your clips.
Win 11 /Win 10 / Win 8 / Win7 (64 bit OS)
macOS 10.15 - macOS 14

Try AI Smart Cutout to Clean up Your Clips Within Clicks

AI Smart Cutout selects and removes objects with high accuracy, including people, merchandise, icons, items, etc.

Say Goodbye to Time-consuming Green Screen

The AI Smart Cutout feature unlocks a simple mode for creators who want to remove unwanted objects from a video. You can also choose the advanced mode to adjust the tracking direction.

Bring to Perfection Frame by Frame

Need more than AI work? You can always refine the cutout frame by frame.

Multiple Preview Modes, Easier Identification

Filmora provides 4 ways to preview and modify the selected area. In addition to the default Overlay Preview mode, you can choose Transparency Grid, Transparency Black, or Alpha Mode (contrast for black & white).

What Our Customers Say

Martin James
I have been a filmmaker for quite a while and recently decided to upgrade my video editing software to Filmora. As a vlogger, The ability to remove backgrounds with just a few clicks is one of my favorite features. It shortens the time for me to remove them manually, and make my videos more appealing.
I am impressed with the power of Filmora to help teachers create high-quality and engaging materials. The video background removal feature is fantastic, allowing me to remove any distracting elements and keep my students focused.
Video Creator
Its video background removal tool has allowed me to get rid of all the messy backgrounds in my videos and create a clean, professional-looking scene. I can also easily add various effects and transitions to my videos that really look like it's edited by a professional editor.