Create a Project-Filmora

For every project you create, Filmora creates a project file (.wfp). This file contains the settings you select for each sequence in the project, as well as editing decisions, effects, and music used in the project.

Filmora project files don't store video, audio, or image files. They store only a reference to these types of media files based on the file names and locations. If you move, rename, or delete a source file, Filmora won't be able to find it automatically the next time you open a project that uses that piece of media. For convenience, Filmora offers you the option of archiving your source files all together with the project.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to:

Create a new project

create new project in Filmora9

Launch Filmora and choose New Project. You can customize the resolution, aspect ratio, and frame rate of the project by going to File > Project Settings.

Filmora9 project settings

The default aspect ratio is 16:9, but you can change it to 1:1 or 9:16 if you want to make videos for Instagram or other social media.

Filmora9 change aspect ratio

Save a project

Click File > Save Project or Save Project As, or use the hotkey Ctrl+S. Your project will be saved as a file with the extension .wfp. These files can only be recognized by Filmora.

Filmora9 save project

Open a project

1. Open a project from the Project Library

When you launch Filmora, your most recent projects will be shown in the Project Library. Select the target project to reload the .wfp project file. If your project isn't shown in the Project Library, click Open Project to locate it.

Open Recent Project in Filmora9

2. Open an existing project when editing

Besides opening projects at the beginning, you can also open an existing project when editing. Click File and you can choose Open Project (ctrl+O) or Open Recent to locate the .wfp file.

Open recent and Existing Project in Filmora9

Move a project to another computer (archive project file)

Click File > Archive Project or use the hotkey Shift+Ctrl+A. The project file and the source files will be archived together in the *.wfp format so they can be easily moved to another computer or storage device. To open the .wfp file you just need to double click on it.

Filmora9 Archive Project

Relocate missing media files

Once you change the location of the source files, rename them, delete them, or disconnect the external drive where they are saved, Filmora will not be able to find them. Instead, you will be shown windows with the locations from which the files are missing. Click the magnifying glass icon to relocate the missing files and then press OK to reopen the original project. If the files have been permanently deleted, you can choose other files as replacements.

Relocate Missing Project Media Files in Filmora9