AI Audio Stretch

Retime any audio track to fit the duration of your video almost instantly.
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Rearrange Music With the AI-Based Feature

AI Audio Stretch saves hours of cutting, rippling, adding fades, and previewing music to match the length of your videos.

Speed Up Your Workflow Just With a Drag

Adjust music to fit your video length with no effort. The AI-powered feature greatly saves you time in getting well-timed background audio.

Retime Any Music to Fit Any Duration

AI Audio Stretch supports different types of music. You can use this feature for almost any video, from a vlog clip to a blockbuster with stunning audio effects.

Rearrange Songs Without Quality Loss

AI Audio Stretch understands vocals in music. This feature automatically remixes an audio clip based on its patterns and dynamics to suit your video. You can hear the high-quality new edit in real-time.