Trim/Split/Crop/Rotate/Join a clip

After all the media files have been imported, you can now edit them for your movie with Wondershare Filmora for Mac. You can arrange clips in the order you want to appear in your movie, and "clean up" your video footage, cut out the parts you don't like and keep only the best footage to include in your movie and more.

Add clips to the Timeline

Before editing, the clips should be added to the Timeline. There are two ways to do that:

1.Choose a clip in the Media Library and drag it to the timeline directly.

2.Click the plus button in the lower right corner of each media file, add to project directly.

Note: If you want to insert a media file in current files on timeline, you cannot drag and drop directly, which may overlay your current media files. Try to drag it to the end of timeline, and then arrange the order by dragging on timeline.

Tips: For easier accessing to the different media clips on the Timeline, drag the slide bar to adjust the view size of the Timeline.

pan and zoom

You can also click the Zoom to Fit Timeline buttonzoom to fit timeline to zoom the view size automatically. After add the video to timeline, you may need the tutorial to trim/split/rotate/crop/join video or enhance the video contrast/saturation/brightness/hue and speed.

Trim a Clip

After drag the video to timeline, you can move the pointer to the edge of video file. After the pointer becomes an icon like this:trim icon (I know it's ugly, but that's the best drawing of my poor skill), then you can start to trim video. You can trim from the start or end (red line). Most of time, you may need split tool to adjust this editing. Trim function can help you remove the unwanted parts of videos quickly. As we mentioned above, the green part will be removed automatically.

Split a Clip

The split function helps you cut a video to two separate parts. You can delete the part you don't want or save it to use anywhere in your movie.

Wondershare Filmora for Mac provides two ways to help you split a clip: directly split on the Timeline or use the scene detection feature to detect different scenes in a video file and automatically break it down into several clip files.

split a video

To split a clip directly on the Timeline

1.Select a clip in the Timeline Viewer.

2.Drag the Split Maker on either side of the clip to change the length.

3.Click the Split button or right click and choose the "Split" optionsplit icon from the context menu.

4.If you want to delete the unwanted segment, click "Delete" buttonsplit icon directly.

To automatically split a clip using scene detection

1. Right click on the target video file in the Media Library and select "Scene Detection" option. This will open the Scene Detection dialog box.

Scene Detection

2. Click "Detect" and after several seconds, the file will automatically be broken down into several clip files according to the content change.

3. Then click "Apply" and the separated clips will appear on the Timeline. You can check more details here.

Crop a clip

The crop function preserves the selected part of a clip and deletes the unnecessary elements. Your video will look much better if crop black bars from the sides or remove background that doesn't contribute anything to the finished product. To crop a clip:

1.Select a clip in the Timeline Viewer or Storyboard Viewer.

2.Right click on the clip and choose the "Crop" option or choose the clip and click the Crop optioncrop icon.

3.In the pop up window, stretch and move the rectangle to adjust desired frame area. You can also choose from "16:9" or "4:3" to crop the video automatically or resize and reposition it manually.


Rotate or flip a clip

With the rise of smartphone-captured video, you've more than likely come across a few videos that were filmed sideways. The Rotate or Flip feature will help you fix it.

To rotate or flip a clip:

1.Choose clip in the Timeline or storyboard viewer.

2.Click the Rotate buttonrotate button on Toolbar to activate Photo Inspector or Video Inspector, which depends on your file format.

3.Then click the different rotate or flip button to make it happen.


Join videos

If you have shot or downloaded several videos in a sequence, the join function can have you put them together in no time. To join videos together, just place all the videos on the Timeline in the order and click "Export". Wondershare Filmora for Mac will merge them automatically.

Ripple Edit

A ripple edit lets a single edit ripple down through the rest of the movie to ensure everything stays in sync and just the way you designed it. All you need to do is to turn on Auto Ripple by press the chain icon at the bottom of the timeline. With the auto ripple on, if you add or delete an element in the middle of the project, the video with all the added effects will be shifted or deleted along as a group. You can click the chain button again to unlock the combination.


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