Filters & Overlays

Applying filter or overlay effects to your video in post-production will add some special visual effect to your video and thus can not only greatly enhance your video, but also cure many of your original footage’s imperfections. In this guide, you will learn:

How to Add Filters & Overlays to your video

Filmora for Mac provides you with over a hundred of cool filters and overlay effects to choose from.

Step1: Navigate to upper left corner of the interface, find Filter icon or Overlay icon in the toolbar. Then click to enter the Filter or overlay resource library.

Step2: Browse through the resource library, choose one that will fit the mood of your video footage, and drag it to the Filter track (a Filter track will appear automatically when you drag the filter to the track right under the video track on the timeline). Or select the effect that you want, and then right click on it, choose Apply from the drop down menu to apply.

Step3: Click the play button on the preview window to view the result.

Remove Filters & Overlays from your video

You can delete the filters or overlay effects easily if you aren’t satisfied with the preview result. To remove a filter effect:

Option 1: Choose the filter you want to remove on the filter track, hit “Delete” button on your keyboard.

Option2: Right click on the filter that you want to remove, choose “Delete” from the drop down menu to remove it.

Customize the Filter & Overlay effect

The duration and opacity of the filter or overlay effect is customizable.

1. To change the duration of the filter effect, move to the edge of the filter effect and then drag it forwards or backwards to extend/shrink the duration of the effect.

2. To change the opacity of the filter, double click on the effect to bring up a setting window, there you can drag the slider to define the alpha value. The lower the number is, the more transparent effect you will get.

Save a Filter & Overlay to your Favorite list

If you like a filter effect or overlay effect a lot and want to use it in other videos later on, you can add it to your Favorite list so that you can easily find it in a later time.

1. To save a filter effect to your Favorite list, right click on the effect and then choose “Add to Favorites” from the drop down menu. Or you can directly use keyboard shortcuts: ctrl+F

Download this software to get started:

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