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Filmora's suite of AI-powered features enables you to spend less time editing and more time creating.

AI Copilot Editing

Filmora AI Copilot Editing analyzes your video and provides intelligent recommendations tailored to your needs.

AI Text-Based Editing

Transform your videos into text and edit them like a document with AI Text-Based Editing.

AI Thumbnail Creator

Grab your audience’s attention with click-worthy thumbnails optimized by Filmora AI Thumbnail Creator.

AI Text-To-Video

Write a prompt and Filmora AI Text-To-Video will bring your idea to life!

AI Copywriting

No more stressing over the perfect title! Filmora AI Copywriting generates compelling descriptions, titles and captions.

AI Smart Masking

Kiss difficult masking struggles goodbye! Easily outline objects and edit with Filmora AI Smart Masking.

AI Smart Cutout

Remove unwanted objects or quickly change the background in seconds with Filmora AI Smart Cutout.

AI Effects and Resources

Filmora AI Effects transforms your assets into stunning content.
  • AI Portrait
  • AI Painting
  • AI Animated Titles

AI Audio Tools

Filmora AI Audio Tools have made creating, editing, producing, and mastering sound the easiest it’s ever been.
AI Music Generator

Instantly create copyright-free music that suits every mood with Filmora AI Music Generator.

AI Vocal Remover

Filmora AI Vocal Remover gives you total control to remove specific elements from your audio.


AI Audio Denoise

No more noisy audio! AI Audio Denoise cleans audio and boosts your sound quality.


AI Audio Stretch

Let your assets work for you! Easily retime your audio to match your video.



Instantly transcribe audio into subtitles with Filmora Speech-To-Text.



Effortlessly create voiceovers with Filmora Text-To-Speech.

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