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  • 3 resolutions to choose from
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Turn Your Words into Art with Filmora AI Image

Experience the magic of Text to Image with Filmora AI Image Generator, where your words come to life in beautiful visuals.

Introducing Text to Image

Transform your creative concepts into stunning visual pictures with Filmora AI Image. Describe what you want to see and let AI Image bring your imagination to life in visual pictures through advanced artificial intelligence technology. Break free from creative limitations and unleash endless possibilities with this innovative tool.

3 Resolutions to Choose From

With Filmora AI Image, you get to pick the perfect resolution for your AI-generated image. We know that everyone has different needs when it comes to image sizes, so we offer three popular options to choose from, which will help you control the file size of your project, making sure it's just right for your needs.

Use Directly for Your Video Project

The pictures generated in Filmora AI Image can be directly used in your video editing project. Transform your inspiration into visual images through text, and click the download icon, the generated image will be saved directly in the media of the project while downloading to the local device, and quickly apply the picture to your video.

Create Images Without Limiting Your Art Style

Filmora AI Image Generator is not limited to several dull art styles; it will generate the art pictures you need according to the picture style you give, whether it is cyberpunk, Disney or 3D, etc.; All you need to do is input your text describing what you need and watch as your ideas come to life in the stunning visual image.

Use AI Image Generator to Unlock Your Creativity| Filmora

Unlock Your Creativity with AI Image

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Do you need help bringing your visual ideas to life? With Filmora’s AI Image Generator, you can transform your ideas into visual material and incorporate them into your social media videos. Let your imaginative and futuristic vision be exposed to more people. Boost your social media now!
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Are you stressing over the perfect materials for your promotional video? Filmora AI Image will generate your visual material needs through your words. No need to worry about pesky material copyright or the hassle of finding the right images. With AI Image, creating original content has never been easier.
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Filmora AI Image Generator can save you time by eliminating the need for time-consuming shooting or searching for picture materials. Input your requirements and AI Image will generate the visual materials for you. This one-stop operation in the terminal reduces the need for tool switching, allowing projects to proceed more quickly.
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Are you struggling to find the perfect picture materials? Look no further than Filmora’s AI Image! By generating pictures based on your text, AI Image will visualize your imagination and inspire you to new heights. And being able to quickly apply these artworks to video creations, you never have to interrupt your creative flow.

Frequently Asked Questions

AI Image refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology to analyze and manipulate digital images. This can include tasks such as image recognition, enhancement, and generation. And Filmora's AI Image function is a feature that uses artificial intelligence to automatically transform your descriptive text to images with high visual quality.
AI generates text to images by using algorithms that analyse the text input and then generate images based on the context and meaning of the words. This process involves machine learning and neural networks that can recognize patterns and create visual representations of the text.
Using AI to create images through transforming text to images allows for faster and more efficient creation of visual content, reducing the need for manual design work and increasing productivity. It also allows for customization and personalization of images based on specific text inputs, making it easier to create unique and relevant visual content.
It depends on the complexity of the artwork, but it typically takes anywhere from 4 seconds to create a Text-to-Image Art piece in Filmora. However, it also depends on a person's experience with graphic design and the size and complexity of the project.
To use AI Image in Filmora, 1. First, launch the Filmora application, create a new project, and click AI Image at the top of the Media panel. 2. Then, enter a descriptive text in the text box and click the "Start Creating" button. 3. When the picture is generated, click the icon on the lower right. You will attain the images in the local folder and in the Media.
AI-generated images have the potential to be completely unique, as they are created using complex algorithms and machine learning techniques that can generate new and original images based on specific parameters and inputs. However, the level of uniqueness may vary depending on the complexity of the algorithm and the amount of data used to train the AI.
Yes, you can use Text to Image for both personal and commercial projects. However, it is important to check the terms of use and licensing agreements for the specific Text to Image tool you are using to ensure compliance.
Yes, you can customize the image generated by the AI Image. To do this, you will need to use special software that is capable of manipulating and re-creating images using AI and other tools.
When using AI to transform text to image, it is important to be mindful of the words and language used. Avoid using sensitive words or language that may be offensive or inappropriate. For example, discriminatory words to certain groups of people are not encouraged in Filmora’s AI Image function.
You can find Filmora’s AI Image at the top of its Media panel. Please follow this path to access this function: Launch Filmora application, create a project and click AI Image at the top of the Media panel.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Filmora is a great video editing software. It's fast, user-friendly, and has a lot of advanced features that can keep you satisfied for a long time. Whenever I make a video, I discover new tools or find new ways to use the tools I already know. Plus, it's a good deal.
Filmora is a software that is reasonably priced and receives regular updates to improve its performance. The rendering speed is fast, which is helpful for meeting deadlines. The software has a drag-and-drop interface and a range of tools and features, making it user-friendly. It includes basic editing tools, advanced features, and AI tools, allowing users to create semi-professional or professional-looking videos without much video editing experience.
Filmora is a user-friendly video editing software that provides a lot of flexibility in editing. The layers are easy to modify and the template gallery is very helpful for enhancing creativity.
Helen J
The user interface is great, and I didn't need any tutorials to start using it. I think I'll use this instead of my other video editing programs.