Video Background Remover

Instantly remove the background of any video for free with the Filmora AI tool. It enables you to make the background of a video transparent with great quality, and no green screen is needed!
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Remove Video Background - Assisted by AI

We admit that utilizing a green screen allows you to delete video backgrounds effectively, but the entire process seems time-consuming. Fortunately, Filmora's advanced AI technology empowers you to remove the background or separate your subject from videos without any hassle. Only need to import a video (.mp4, .mov, .webm, etc.) or an image, and the smart tool will handle the rest for you. Moreover, it works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. Give it a whirl today!

Create a Perfect Virtual Background

Need to hide the mess behind you and make a great impression with better visuals? Then, we've got you covered! The AI video BG removal works well with any simple or complex portrait background. With a single tap, you can directly get rid of the original camera backdrop and replace it with plain color, gradient color, a gorgeous image, or animated video footage. All provided by Filmora.
remove and add virtual bg

Show Your Creative Work with a New Background

A transparent background opens up new possibilities to repurpose your video. Whether you want to create a professional-looking video presentation, an engaging reaction video, or clone yourself in different poses in a video or others, you can get it done easily through a mighty video editor like Filmora. In addition to removing video background in a flash, it boasts various impressive editing features, including AI background noise remover, dynamic filters, special effects, and much more that take your video to another level.
remove and add new video bg

Accurately Cutout Background from Video/Image

Our background eraser employs deep learning techniques to analyze and cut out people or objects from video or image backgrounds quickly and precisely. You can tweak the edges between the foreground and background to get a natural-looking result. (AI is progressing to offer better performance. Stay tuned for it!)
accurately cutout background

Remove Full Video Background For Free

Unlike some online video background removers that only allow processing a part of your video clip, Filmora lets you remove a full-length video background without a length limit. You can also edit the video to perfection and export it as a video or GIF.
remove full video background free

Remove video background for Free in 1 click. Make space for creativity NOW!

FAQs Regarding Video Background Remover

To efficiently remove the background from a video, start using Filmora to help you complete this overwhelming task. AI tool can automatically remove the video background with a few clicks. After, fine-tune your edit with the Edge Feather and Thickness to make sure it looks natural.
Of course Yes! No matter what kind of background, Filmora's AI Portrait tool can help you remove the background from portrait video easily. Removal is done automatically with just one click, and you can also optimize the detail by adjusting the level of feathering of the edges.
If your MP4 video background is in a solid color or green screen, you can use the Filmora Chroma Key feature to remove the corresponding color. However, a more flexible way is using the AI Portrait tool. It automatically identifies the main video's object and removes the background without a chroma key or green screen. Moreover, you can change the MP4 video background with anything you want.
You can easily erase your image backgrounds with Filmora in just three steps.
Step 1. Open Filmora to create a new project and import your target image.
Step 2. Drag the image to the timeline and double click on it. Under the AI Tools tabs, select AI Portrait. Then, the background of the image will be removed automatically.
Step 3. You can adjust Edge Thickness and Edge Feather to make the edges of your image look more smooth. After you finish checking, select your desired format and export.
If you are looking for the best app to remove background from video, be sure not to miss Filmora. Video backgrounds will be easily removed with just a few clicks by the Filmora AI BG remover. Moreover, you can customize backgrounds and have more control over the look and feel of your videos with a wide range of editing tools.
Yes! You can also erase video backgrounds using Filmora mobile app without device limitations. Click Remove Background in the Smart Cutout option after selecting the clip in the timeline. When the video background is automatically removed, choose your favorite material to replace the background.

What Our Customers Say

Martin James
I have been a filmmaker for quite a while and recently decided to upgrade my video editing software to Filmora. As a vlogger, The ability to remove backgrounds with just a few clicks is one of my favorite features. It shortens the time for me to remove them manually, and make my videos more appealing.
I am impressed with the power of Filmora to help teachers create high-quality and engaging materials. The video background removal feature is fantastic, allowing me to remove any distracting elements and keep my students focused.
Video Creator
Its video background removal tool has allowed me to get rid of all the messy backgrounds in my videos and create a clean, professional-looking scene. I can also easily add various effects and transitions to my videos that really look like it's edited by a professional editor.