Filmora has made the shift to 64-bit

Most laptop and desktop computers released in the last 5 years have 64-bit operating systems. They are faster, can operate without interruption with more programs running, and have way more RAM (it’s practically limitless!).

By becoming a 64-bit program, Filmora is allowing you to take full advantage of all of your computer’s resources. Upgrading to version 8.1 of Filmora will ensure that your video editing experience is faster, smoother, and free of annoying lags even at resolutions up to 4K.

That means that the videos you make using your new smartphone or DSLR camera can be edited in Filmora with no problems.

Phasing out 32-bit

In order to provide the majority of Filmora users with all the benefits of 64-bit compatibility, compatibility with old 32-bit operating systems has been phased out.

The higher-quality tools and effects provided in version 8.1 of Filmora, and the higher resolution video files most users want to edit inside the program, require more RAM and other resources than a 32bit computer is capable of providing.

The vast majority of Filmora users will not be impacted by the phasing out of older 32-bit technology.

Is my computer 64-bit?

Probably! But here’s how you check:

WINDOWS 8 and 10

-Right click on your start menu and choose system.


-Right click on the Computer icon and choose properties.

Next to system type, it should say 64-bit Operating System.


-Click here.