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  1. Is there a limitation on recording length?

    Actually there is not a limit on the duration of a recording. However the recording could be limited by the capacity of free drive space where you save the recorded files. Also, be aware that a longer recording time period will create very large files that may reduce system performance while working with them during editing and exporting.
  2. Why do I hear an echo or noise with the recorded file or exported file?

    The problem might be caused by recording both system audio and another source such as a microphone or stereo mix simultaneously. If you only need to record the audio coming from your computer, select “Capture” under Computer Audio and select “Don’t Capture” under Microphone.

  3. What should I do if the program crashes or "bugsplat" appears?

    Please follow below instructions to send us the log files for analysis.

    • Find Wodershare Filmora Scrn on desktop, right-click the icon of the program, and select Open File Location, it will direct to the installation folder of this program.
    • Find a folder named "log", zip all the files in the folder and send it to us.
  4. What should I do if I did not record the audio from the computer?

    • aunch Filmora screen, Choose Quick Capture.
    • Go tob Menu, choose Capture Setup.
    • Go to Audio, ensure you have selected Capture computer audio from the dropdown list
    • capture-pc-audio
    • Meanwhile you have to ensure that you have selected a valid sound card from your computer to capture system audio, meaning you will need one of these options: stereo mix, mono mix, what you hear, speaker audio, mixer, wave out mix, wave in. To so, please follow below instructions to setup your hardware.
    • Please find the loudspeaker at the right corner of the toolbars, right click and select Recording devices. And then Switch to the Recording tab, right-click, and select Show Disabled Devices :
    • recording-devices show-disable-device
    • If you see one of the items listed above, right-click and select Enable.
    • Right-click the item again and choose Set as Default Device.
  5. Why would I receive the error "Unable to access game data?

    If you receive such an error, you might select an irrelevant application to record. You can follow below instructions to get rid of it.

    • Launch Filmora screen, select Quick Capture.
    • Go to Menu, choose Capture Setup.
    • Go to Game under Screen and check whether you have selected an irrelevant application or not, such as Teamviewer shows as below. If you have, please switch to the true game that you need to capture.
    • Press Capture… to start recording.